A rebound guy is actually someone who unintentionally fills a gap in a female’s sex life, right after she splits with another man she cares in regards to. Being a rebound man is actually hard, as girl you happen to be dating still has feelings for somebody more, and containsn’t managed to move on sufficiently after a breakup to support a union.

More than likely, you will be on course for heartbreak should you decide end up being a gap-filler for a female with mental luggage. However, there are methods you are able to spot the indications that acquiring severe with a female would-be an error, if she just wishes you as her rebound man.

Conversation killer

If you date a woman and she regularly talks about her ex, it is advisable to create a swift escape. Whenever a lady nevertheless feels strong links with a former partner, it really is likely that she won’t be able to resist the desire to take him into every conversation.


It’s okay for a woman to possess some things that show her former commitment in her own residence. However, if this lady has a prominent photo of herself with her ex on display, beware. The same is true if she continues to hold a photo of the woman previous partner within her handbag, or keeps a cuddly comfortable toy the girl ex gave the lady on her pillow.


When the girl you will be matchmaking insists on hanging out in spots she understands this lady ex frequents, think about this as indicative that she would like to maintain near proximity to him. You happen to be only truth be told there to help make doing this easier, or to create him jealous.

Not enough interest

When a lady exactly who recently had a break up dates you, but never ever bothers to inquire of you questions regarding yourself or attempts to get acquainted with you as somebody, it’s likely that the woman is still yearning on her ex. A female who’s willing to date you will be thinking about you.

Social signs

If you find yourself on a romantic date with a woman and her friends keep inquiring their exactly how her ex is actually, its most likely that she hasn’t well informed them that the lady and her ex are not any longer with each other, along with to inquire about yourself the reason why this can be. Can it be that she hopes that they can be reunited? Similarly, if a female doesn’t correct the woman pals if they discuss their along with her ex as though they certainly were however a product, this is exactly a sign that the woman isn’t prepared to date you yet.

Getting a woman’s rebound man is not any fun. It’s miles safer to know that girl you might be internet dating continues to have feelings on her behalf ex just before have major. If this lady has it’s recommended to not ever get “in too deep”.

Decide to try broadening your really love interest by improving your very own circle of buddies, a good kick off point is tasks particularly speed internet dating or locating brand-new buddies using the internet (you will find
many methods
online to help).

Looking for the indications pointed out may help you avoid being a part-time love, versus a permanent installation in a lady’s existence.

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